Monday, June 26, 2017

All the MENA Cannes Lions 2017 Winners

All za metal. All za work. All za time.
No need to use the unfriendly search on the Cannes Lions website ever again. At least not to scroll for MENA award-winning work that is.

Following their massive success at the Dubai Lynx, Impact BBDO Dubai was the most awarded MENA agency at Cannes Lions this year with 7 gongs in total. Bravo Fadi and the team!

In close second was Y&R Dubai who won 6 lions, 5 of which for their work (or was it New Moments work in Belgrade?) on "One Book for Peace"; a book that shows how similar the holy Bible and Quran are. This was the most awarded piece of work not from the MENA region by a MENA agency.

Leo Burnett Beirut's campaign #UNDRESS522 against the Lebanese rape law won 5 lions making it the most awarded MENA campaign at Cannes Lions 2017.

FP7 Cairo's (and the great Maged Nassar's) "The Line Up Song" for Coca-Cola, probably my favorite piece of work this year, won 4 lions.

Memac Ogilvy's controversial work for CIP "Potatoes on Mars" won 3 lions including a coveted Innovations Lion.

Congratulations to all the winners and a special shout-out to the underdogs: The Misfits and Beattie + Dane Kuwait for their award-winning work for Careem and Al Munayes Tea respectively. Well played!!


Impact BBDO Dubai | 7 Lions
5 Silver + 2 Bronze = 31 points

Y&R, Dubai | 6 Lions
1 Gold + 1 Silver + 4 Bronze = 24 points

Leo Burnett, Beirut | 5 Lions
3 Silver + 2 Bronze = 21 points

Memac Ogilvy, Dubai | 4 Lions
1 Gold + 2 Silver + 1 Bronze = 20 points

FP7, Cairo | 4 Lions
1 Gold + 1 Silver + 2 Bronze = 18 points

The Classic Partnership, Dubai | 3 Lions
1 Silver + 2 Bronze = 11 points

TBWA\Raad, Dubai | 1 Lion
1 Silver = 5 points

FP7, Tunisia | 1 Lion
1 Silver = 5 points

Leo Burnett, Dubai | 1 Lion
1 Silver = 5 points

Misfits, Dubai | 1 Lion
1 Bronze = 3 points

Beattie + Dane, Kuwait | 1 Lion
1 Bronze = 3 points

Memac Ogilvy Advize, Amman | 1 Lion
1 Bronze = 3 points

Memac Ogilvy, Bahrain | 1 Lion
1 Bronze = 3 points

DDB, Dubai | 1 Lion
1 Bronze = 3 points

Grey, Dubai | 1 Lion
1 Bronze = 3 points

Geometry Global, Dubai | 1 Lion
1 Bronze = 3 points


- Turkey, Israel and Pakistan not counted
- Shortlists not counted
- Gold: 7 points | Silver: 5 points | Bronze: 3 points


Client: Abaad Resource Center for Gender Equality
Agency: Leo Burnett, Beirut

Silver Lion - Glass
Silver Lion - PR / Events & Stunts
Silver Lion - PR / Public Affairs & Lobbying
Bronze Lion - PR / Charities & Non-Profit
Bronze Lion - Entertainment / Brand Experience: Integrated

One Book For Peace
Client: Inter-Religious Council of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Agency: Y&R, Dubai

Gold Lion - Design / Books
Silver Lion - Promo & Activation / Public Sector
Bronze Lion - Print & Publishing / Art Direction
Bronze Lion - PR / Public Affairs & Lobbying
Bronze Lion - Radio / Branded Content & Programming

The Line Up Song
Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: FP7, Cairo

Gold Lion - Cyber / Social Video
Silver Lion - Film / Viral Film
Bronze Lion - Film Craft / Casting
Bronze Lion - Entertainment for Music / Use of Adapted Music

Skip Friday 13
Client: La Libanaise Des Jeux
Agency: Impact BBDO, Dubai

Silver Lion - Cyber / Microsite
Silver Lion - Direct / Travel, Transport & Leisure

Client: KFC
Agency: Impact BBDO, Dubai

Silver Lion - Radio / Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Silver Lion - Radio / Casting & Performance

Click here to listen

Making Sense of Dyslexia
Client: Sydlexia
Agency: Impact BBDO, Dubai

Silver Lion - Design / Posters
Bronze Lion Campaign - Health & Wellness / Brand-Led Education & Awareness

Stop The Hunger
Client: Snickers
Agency: Impact BBDO, Dubai

Bronze Lion - Media / Food & Drinks

The Life Saving Scarecrow
Client: Varuna Pumps
Agency: Y&R, Dubai

Bronze Lion - Product Design / Social Impact

Potatoes on Mars
Client: CIP
Agency: Memac Ogilvy, Dubai

Gold Lion - Health & Wellness / Pro-Bono Led Education & Awareness
Silver Lion - Innovation / Applied Innovation
Silver Lion - PR / Use of Technology

Footnote For The Breast
Client: Medcare Hospital
Agency: The Classic Partnership, Dubai

Silver Lion - Promo & Activation / Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Bronze Lion - Health & Wellness / Brand-Led Education & Awareness
Bronze Lion - Direct / Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale

Client: Nissan
Agency: TBWA\Raad, UAE

Silver Lion - Media / Cars & Automotive Products & Services

The Hammam Fighter
Client: Orange
Agency: FP7, Tunisia

Silver Lion - Media

Airport | Truck
Client: McDonalds
Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai

Silver Lion Campaign - Print & Publishing / Restaurants & Fast Food Chains

The Better Way to Get Around
Client: Careem
Agency: Misfits, UAE

Bronze Lion - Media / Use of Stunts

Who Is Bu Salem?
Client: Al Munayes Tea
Agency: Beattie + Dane, Kuwait

Bronze Lion - PR / Content-Led Engagement & Marketing

Client: Royal Jordanian Airlines
Agency: Memac Ogilvy Advize, Amman

Bronze Lion - Direct / Low Budget, High Impact

Finding Her
Client: UN Women Egypt
Agency: DDB, Dubai

Bronze Lion - Design / Posters

Fatima | Mouza | Shaikha
Client: Tathqeef
Agency: Grey, Dubai

Bronze Lion Campaign - Print & Publishing / Typography

Bed | Table | Lamp | Nightstand
Client: IKEA Saudi Arabia
Agency: Memac Ogilvy, Dubai

Bronze Lion Campaign - Print & Publishing / Retail & E-Commerce

Tangled Kiss | Tangled MJ | Tangled Sia
Client: Viva Bahrain
Agency: Memac Ogilvy, Bahrain

Bronze Lion Campaign - Outdoor / Illustration

Handle on Hygiene
Client: Lifebuoy
Agency: Geometry Global, Dubai

Bronze Lion - Creative Effectiveness

And that's all folks. Adbasha out!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pepsi & United Airlines PR Disasters

United Airlines is in deep shit! They've now lost $1 billion in market value after a video clip emerged of a passenger being dragged, yes, literally dragged off one of its planes for refusing to leave an overbooked flight.

Airlines overbooking flights is one of the most annoying things for passengers. Airlines claim that they do this to sell every available seat and ultimately bring down the cost of tickets. I personally think that’s a load of bollocks and airlines just want to profit as much as they can.

Video credit: Business Insider

A week earlier, Pepsi released and then quickly retracted possibly one of the worst ads ever made. The advert which stars Kendall Jenner appears to join some kind of hipster protest and then offers a can of Pepsi to a daft police officer. *Sigh.

Video credit: Dagbladet

Twitter has been on-fire this month with people responding to the recent events by hilariously comparing the United scandal to that of Pepsi's.

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